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Welcome to my world

So, how did I get into making soap is a question a lot of people ask. I would have to answer in a totally round about way, as most of my life has played out. Did I wake up one day and say ,’hey I want to make soap!’ That would be a no. What I did do is lose my mother and find myself with a broken heart, a silent phone, and lots of time on my hands that I was not accustomed to having. I had to find something to fill that space that would have been spent with my mom, as it had for the last 5 years of her life.

I tried everything. I had 2 successful blogs but I really did not have the heart to write. It seemed like losing her left me in a world so unfamiliar I didn’t know what to do with myself. One day I saw an article on making your own laundry soap, so I tried it and I liked it but that is not where it ended. I then started looking at things I could make. Lord knows I have never been able to sew or quilt, though making a quilt did cross my mind. The thought of cutting out all of those fabric squares made me ache. Scratch quilting off the list. Then I had a grandbaby, who had really severe reactions to a lot of commercial bath products, and the hunt was on!!

Talking to a woman in a nearby county I learned from her how to make soap at my own home, and 6 years later.. well here I am.. TADAAA! I have played with oils, butters, additives, colors until I have my basic tried and true recipes down. Now if the rest of my life only played out that easily, HA as if that would ever happen. Anyhow, here I am and I am back into writing again. Which means this place may show you different tricks or my favorite additives, even playing with colors. But one thing I have learned in all this time is that regardless of how long you have been making soap, in whatever fashion, Soap always has the final say. Which is why I love it, because there are no guarantees, in life or in soap making. So here is where you will find I write a lot about both.

I hope you sit and stay a while. I will let you sniff all my scents and pick your favorites, talk a spell and grab some coffee. Still in your PJ’s ? Psshhhtt , even better!

So welcome to my world, hope you stay a while.

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