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Loss and life

I learned yesterday that a friend from high school had passed away suddenly. Truth is I was shocked, she was the last person you would think of to be gone, or even go without any warning. It also makes you realize that you never know from one second to the next who will be here and who won’t. She was young, too young to be gone already. Even worse her family found her. She was always smiling and picking on you, and much like me if I pick on you it’s good, if I don’t run. I cannot name one time I didn’t see her without a smile, and she would elbow you in that way she always did and lean in to tell you something like it is the world’s biggest secret and it would be some smart alec comment. She left behind a daughter, much younger than I was when I lost my mom, but I know that pain and I know how she feels. I also know the things that are going to be realized that she will miss now that her mom is gone.

Even though I have been out of blogging for a bit there are still blogs I read. This one by Brooke Wilkerson hit me right in the feels today. I know we all think we have time, I am sure my friend did as well. But I can tell you that knowing what my mom’s wishes were 8 years ago sure took a lot of weight off of my shoulders. Knowing I had those papers that allowed me to make those decisions helped as well, sure didn’t make choosing those options easier, but it did make them tolerable.

A year after my mom passed I got my first grandchild, and when he was 8 months old we were in a wreck that for all intents and purposes should have killed us. But my actions and the help of major angels saved us. Not without repercussions, it left my husband disabled, and me with some tweaks I didn’t have before. But we were here. But what if we didn’t fare that way. My kids would not have known either of our wishes should they have been left making medical decisions for us, and I know as a kid, even if you are in your 30’s you are still their kid, making choices would have been impossible for them. So I know we have to get the paperwork going that lines that out for them, should God forbid we have to have that choice made for us.

Laugh often, love much, give more than you get and most of all believe in hope. Hope changes things..

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