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Cutting your soap.. the easy way or the hard way

While making soap can be fun, figuring out what way is best for you to cut it, and when to cut it can be something that takes some trial and error. While you can buy prescored slab molds that have lines to show where to cut the bars apart, getting those to cut on that line means you have to get it to unmold while still semi soft, and in that type of mold that is not an easy feat. Depending on the hard oils you have in your soap it can get really hard really fast. Which means when you unmold it you may need to cut immediately to prevent it crumbling and chipping away.

For the first few years I cut mine one slice at a time using a hand held soap knife on a mold I put together that had pre-cut gaps specifically for cutting soap. Each bar was about 3/4 inch thick. Then I got blessed with a wire cutter that cut 12 bars from a loaf at once. Now my average mold gives me 18 bars so I would cut the first 12, move them to curing rack then slid rest of loaf in to cut the rest of the slices. Let me tell you the ease at which cutting became. But I also learned used the wire cutters meant you have to be really certain to cut within the first 24 hours for me. Go farther than that and it can put too much stress on the wires and stretch them and harder to get the wires through.

Thank God Nurture has options for one slice at a time wire cutters or this beautiful 18 bar cutter that makes short work of soap cutting!!



This beauty can be yours and change how you cut your loaf molds instantly. Even better they sell replacement wires, trust me you will use those until you figure out the perfect cut time for your soaps!!


But go check out their pages, you can find anything you need to make soap at home for fun or for business!!

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