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Glitter glitter everywhere!! Not anymore say hello to Fairy Dusters

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OH, Mad Micas how you make a soaper’s heart aflutter when you give us products we adore. We all love our glitter, the sparkle, the glitz the little something extra they provide to that soap, bath bomb, lotion. What we don’t like is the tendency for Body safe glitter to spread like herpes and wind up making us look like we just left the stage on amateur night at the local club. Then you swoop in with your brilliance and give us Fairy Dusters!!

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These beautiful containers of glitter are delivered with the smallest puff of air directly into or onto the product where we want it and only where we want! No more strobe light effects in the air of the room from trying to gently tap the glitter off of the small spoon to see if fly randomly like fireflies through the air only a small amount going where we wish. Want just a hint on the peak of a frosting spot, not a problem, turn the directional nozzle, squeeze and poof perfect application! Even better you can refill these bottles so no need to toss and start over unless of course, you want. Save money by buying the complete collection and never having to choose just one or two options again.

If you have never tried Mad Micas they are definitely on the top of the places I trust list for my bath and body products.

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  1. OH Boy the Glitter brigade LOL I make seashell angels. The whole shell and her wings get glitter put on. Its like a glitter dust. Its very shimmery and just gorgeous. BUT like you said, it goes everywhere specially the dust. I now tend to take the shimmer outside. I also put my glitter dust in a salt shaker. that seems to keep the glitter in the area I am trying to put it on. and then I use paper towels underneath the angel so I can roll it up and put the glitter back in the salt shaker. Works pretty well. Now what I can tell you I dont like is when I get all this confetti stuff in a card. You are not prepared you open your card and hundreds of this confetti type things fall all over your table, lap, floor, etc. I curse silently as I have to clean all these pieces up. maybe thats why I no longer like recieving a card!

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