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When you need True Red Mad Micas has the answer!

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True Red is the ever elusive color every soapmaker seeks. So many of us have blended micas, prayed for luck only to find we have too much orange or the base has weakened it to a pink but not a red. Until Mad Micas put their heads together and created The True Red Set


Yes it really can be that red! They found a blend of 3 of their top micas that when mixed evenly together gave them a glorious red that we all have sought to find in a mica for soap. When you choose this set you will get 3 containers of mica and you simply blend them equally making sure to mix totally. What I chose to do since I wanted this set solely for the red was found a large container and put each mica into the larger container as one. I did alternate the colors as I poured them into the container and used a whisk and a pestle to ensure they were blended well throughout. Once they were all in one I then put on the lid and shook the container for about 5 minutes, making sure it blended completely.

Then the fun began!! I decided to test it in my soap Call Me Sir and it would be tested in a black base HP soap. Man did it ever pass that test!!

No bleeding into either the black or the white, no fade, no morphing!! If you are looking for a true red look no further!!

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Glitter glitter everywhere!! Not anymore say hello to Fairy Dusters

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OH, Mad Micas how you make a soaper’s heart aflutter when you give us products we adore. We all love our glitter, the sparkle, the glitz the little something extra they provide to that soap, bath bomb, lotion. What we don’t like is the tendency for Body safe glitter to spread like herpes and wind up making us look like we just left the stage on amateur night at the local club. Then you swoop in with your brilliance and give us Fairy Dusters!!

Click here

These beautiful containers of glitter are delivered with the smallest puff of air directly into or onto the product where we want it and only where we want! No more strobe light effects in the air of the room from trying to gently tap the glitter off of the small spoon to see if fly randomly like fireflies through the air only a small amount going where we wish. Want just a hint on the peak of a frosting spot, not a problem, turn the directional nozzle, squeeze and poof perfect application! Even better you can refill these bottles so no need to toss and start over unless of course, you want. Save money by buying the complete collection and never having to choose just one or two options again.

If you have never tried Mad Micas they are definitely on the top of the places I trust list for my bath and body products.

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Color Color everywhere!

Spring has sprung! Finally, and with it, all the breathtaking colors of the rainbow have sprouted from their winter hibernation to dot landscapes and front yards with all of their glorious hues! My favorite time of year to make soap because bright colors are the driving force behind spring/summer purchases, the brighter the better it seems. For coloring my products I have tried a ton of places but Mad Micas has never failed to make my soaps or bath bombs gorgeous!

Whether I am swirling in the pot, doing a staggered pour, or simply in the mold design, they come through with their shades that go from the deepest rose pink to the brightest sunshine yellow and make my soaps eye-catching in any setting. If you are looking for a few bright colors their collections get you a bright array of choices in various container sizes for you to try out or put to long term staples in your colorant shelf.

The Brilliant Micas Collection features 7 of their most beautiful pops of color and comes from sample bags to 4-ounce containers for that hardcore soaper who is all about attention-grabbing design and color.

  1. Bright Yellow Raincoat
  2. Peacock
  3. Pow! Pow! Purple
  4. The Maniacal Pea
  5. Tangerine Dream
  6. Twilight
  7. Voodoo

Each color has been tested in CP soaps to be stable for use. Keep in mind oil color will affect the color of your micas so if you have a greener olive oil in your mix the color may shift slightly to a darker tone.

Even better is they offer so much more than simply micas. They carry everything you need for resin molding, glitters, lake dyes, pigments, liquid colors and too much more to list!


*I am an affiliate of MadMicas and do make money off of the purchase through my links as such. My reviews are always honest and I would never promote a product I personally did not use in my products or did not trust to use in my products*