Welcome to our story!!

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Welcome to our family.

Eugene and Angel, parents to Douglas, Jesse and Devin and proud grandparents to 5 year old Brody. As a family with three boys and a young grandson with various skin irritations and issues, we have always been interested in creating our own products with ingredients we know and recognise.

In July of 2013, both Eugene and Angel sustained injuries in a serious car accident. The consequent damage to Eugene’s spine compromised his ability to work, and the family income. It was out of this challenging situation that Angelic Skintimacy was born. Angel combined her creative spark with her ability to make products from scratch for the benefit of everyone’s skin. Adding to this a collection of beautiful fragrances, mixed and balanced to perfectly enhance, she found a product niche that was welcomed by customers from all backgrounds and lifestyles.

2017 saw a house move to Main Street, Sharpsburg with a new setup for production and storage within the home. December 2017 broadened the horizons of Angelic Skintimacy, with their first international shipment to a wholesale customer in Queensland, Australia.


Get intimate with your skin again. It’s the biggest organ you’ve got and we need to start taking care of it. Angelic Skintimacy products are made with a focus on nourishing and caring for skin. We get back to basics with traditional methods of soap making and natural ingredients you can read and understand, without the petrochemical or long latin names that only a google search or chemist can decipher. Many bath and body products currently on the market are made with an alcohol base and petrochemical ingredients. These can cause the skin to dry out and become irritated. Our combinations of nourishing oils and butters seek to moisturise skin and allow this vital human organ to look and perform at its best.

Angelic skintimacy products are not only wonderfully luxurious, but also miniature works of art. Each loaf of soap is hand made and crafted to allow every bar to be individually beautiful. No two bars are alike, giving a visually stunning display of products for the retailer, as well as an individual experience for the user. Our bubble scoops are one of our most popular, looking like scoops of ice cream and feeling just as indulgent when creating a beautiful lather on the bath, adding fragrance and color for an intimate skin experience.

All of our products are individually labelled with ingredients clearly listed to comply with regulating bodies, and the need for transparency to the customer. We offer private labelling for our wholesale customers, where your branding can be in place of ours on the products at an additional cost of 25c per product.

Angelic skintimacy products are proudly made in Sharpsburg, Kentucky USA and can be shipped worldwide.

Colored Micas (or Pearlescents) are beautiful natural colors that are created by coating muscovite mica flakes with high heat resistant iron oxides, ultramarines or dyes. We use cosmetic grade micas in our products to bring you beautiful color with without causing staining to bathrooms or compromising quality.

Angelic Skintimacy uses high quality fragrant oils and essential oils in our products. All of our oils are free from phthalates, ensuring the best quality for your skin and peace of mind.

With a view to helping as many people as possible experience our products, Angelic Skintimacy has always been best suited as a wholesale brand. Our goal is to reach a range of retail clients, from brewries to beauty salons and everything in-between in order to serve customers from all walks of life. But we also like to stay close to our roots and love our retail customers as much, without them we would be nothing. Our customers loyalty and feedback helped us to create the products they want to see and use, with the ingredients they can trust.

We are excited about the expansion of our business across the globe, with customers in Australia now having access to Angelic Skintimacy products. The Australian environment can be particularly harsh on skin and we are happy to see our range being well received.

We strive to see our business growing with yours, but no matter how much growth we experience, our core values will remain the same. It is vital to us to “keep it simple” with natural and easy to read ingredients. We want our products to be made-to-measure for our valuable wholesale clients, delivering freshly made, quality goods. No matter how much we expand, Angelic Skintimacy will always fundamentally be a family business with a heart and conscience, looking out for not only our business, but that of our customer too.