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Finding the best fragrances for your soap

**This post will contain links to products I use or have used. I do have affiliation links with the products and I will receive a small compensation if you purchase from these links using my link. However, all opinions are mine and I do not recommend products that I personally do not trust or believe to be amazing for body products*


As a current fragrance hoarder let me say that finding a small amount of fragrances you like and sticking only with them will become, well impossible. But with so many places to purchase fragrances that are safe for use on skin, sometimes the process becomes a bit overwhelming! You will find that things you think won’t smell great actually are pretty amazing when you smell them for the first time. Let’s be honest, I am not a fan of lavender. It just isn’t my thing by itself. Truth is there are several types of lavender and their aromas range from soft and light to overpowering and heavy. Each person’s scent triggers are different, what I like can be totally different from the next person and because all fragrance oils have layers of scent the ones I notice may be different from the first one you notice. It is the layers you need to understand. Top notes in scent are the ones you tend to smell immediately, they tend to be stronger and catch your attention, Middle notes are the balancing players. They help pull back on that ever present top note and bring it into a more scent friendly area. The bottom notes are the notes that linger after the others have faded. They are the finale in a scent pyramid if you will. They hold the others together in a harmony of fragrance and are the ones that often stick with you after the scent is gone. While blending fragrances together is a science above my learning I do love the gifts of the people who are in that line of work, they do their jobs extremely well.

Next you want to learn about what your fragrance oil is made of, for me phthalates free are my line. Phthalates have been found to be linked to some diseases with long term exposure and I would rather not use any product that has that kind of track record. Even if the odds are slim, I prefer to not have them present in my products. We also only use fragrances that were not tested on animals, as an animal lover and fur mom using a product that required them to be subjected to sometimes painful tests is not anything I want to use.

Lastly, don’t limit yourself to fragrances that only you would use. Your customer base will be wide and varied as should your scent selections. Narrowing it to only fruits or florals will cause you to limit your customer base. Find a company, or several of them, with high standards, top quality fragrances that appreciates your business to purchase your fragrance products from to use in your products.

Nurture Soap is one of my favorite companies to use for my fragrance purchases. Easy labeling, highly informative on every fragrance you see on their site and amazing customer service are just a few of the many reasons I love purchasing products from them. I have listed a few of my favorites!

Oatmeal, Milk and Honey Always a top seller for its sweet softness in fragrance you cannot go wrong with this one as a base scent you carry all year

Black Raspberry Vanilla  Another top seller for us and many other soapers. It appeals to all ages with just enough raspberry vanilla blend to be beautiful in soap!

Having a hard time deciding? They have prepared for that as well and have created 3 fragrance samplers containing different top selling scents in different category bases that appeal to everyone! Now go out and find your favorite and get to soaping!!